Busting Myths About Industrial Automation Controls

At Outbound Technologies, we work with companies of all sizes and across a broad spectrum of industries. In any industry from beverage and food production to automotive, pharmaceutical, medical devices or power and utilities, myths have gradually evolved over time about automation.

To help any company to see the truth behind these myths, let’s take a closer look at some of the specific misconceptions about industrial automation controls and how they can be used to effectively manage any type of production or manufacturing plant.

Myth 1: They are not electronically secure.

As with any type of system that is connected to the internet through PC-based control options or through any type of network, there is always a risk for cyber security issues.

However, it is possible to design secure connections that protect industrial automation controls just as bank transactions, credit card purchases or any transmission of sensitive data online can be protected. Top integrators will work with your in-house team to develop a robust security system for industrial automation controls that are specific to your network and system.

Myth 2: Automation is risky.

Today’s technology and system redundancies make the use of industrial automation controls a very effective technology. Systems can be setup with redundancy to ensure one failure doesn’t shut down an entire line or plant.

The integration company will ensure that the system is able to operate effectively. Regular maintenance on the system will be important, but this is no different than maintenance on other equipment and computer systems that are also in use in the facility.

Myth 3: Automation is too expensive.

Another common thread we hear is the concern about the cost of automation to the company. While this is an investment in the future, it is also a way to boost production and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. By moving to automation, the system can be evaluated and assessed in real-time, allowing your in-house engineers to know exactly where slowdowns or issues in production are occurring.

Outbound Technologies is here for you during every step of the automation process. We can help you work through this lengthy transition with our extensive experience. Call us today to talk about your project! (248) 735-5000 (Michigan); (317) 842-3500 (Indiana); or (513) 847-1005 (Ohio).

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