Why Automation Integrators Are Essential in Modern Manufacturing

Most large manufacturing companies will already have an internal team of engineers in place. For these businesses, the decision to hire automation integrators may not be as obvious as for smaller companies without internal resources.

At Outbound Technologies, we are specialist automation integrators with expertise in a huge number of manufacturing processes and technologies. We offer the latest in state-of-the-art options for everything from custom software to robotics controls, data collection, traceability through a system and for network design. It is hard for an internal engineering team to be versed in all of the modern manufacturing technologies so, given our wide breadth of skills, many large companies enlist our services when their engineering teams are encountering new obstacles they have not faced before. Below are some of the reasons that lead companies to employ Outbound Tech.

Complexity of the Automation Process

It is hard to find industrial processes that do not have some level of automation. Converting semi-automated systems to fully automated or retaining some systems in their current state while upgrading others is also a very complicated process. We can work on projects in the categories of both process automation and discrete automation. Very few engineers will be able to work on both given the wide range of operations this can cover.

By hiring our team of automation integrators, specialists that only work on automation will be bringing their expertise and years of experience in the industry to your project. This streamlines the planning and implementation process, dramatically reducing downtime and eliminating the common system problems on startup.

Coordinating the Project

Simply planning and coordinating the project to automate the facility requires a level of expertise and design sophistication that only a specialist can offer. In-house teams of engineers are qualified and highly professional individuals, but the learning curve for automation is steep, putting the team at a disadvantage. Our range of customers has further diversified our skills making us able to provide the best automation options as our team of engineers’ draws from multiple industry experiences to create custom solutions for our clients. As a third party service provider, we are used to coordinating with internal teams and we count project management among our greatest strengths.

By using the services of Outbound Technologies, our team can support your in-house team as needed, filling in the gaps in expertise and experience. To find out more about our services, give us a call today to discuss your automation needs. Michigan- 248-735-5000, Ohio – 513-847-1005, Indiana- 317-842-3500

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